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Squannacook Greenways completes all environmental permitting - Monday July 22, 2019

Squannacook Greenways is pleased to announce that the Townsend Conservation Commission issued its Order of Conditions for the construction of the Squannacook River Rail Trail on July 22, 2019. With this milestone, all environmental permitting for our rail trail is now complete. This event keeps our plan for a November 2019 rail trail construction start on track (pun intended!).

Map to parking at the corner of Depot and Center Street

With environmental permitting complete, we are on target to start building a stone dust trail like this one in Nov. 2019.

Squannacook Greenways would like to thank the Townsend Conservation Commission for dealing with this challenging, 2.8 mile long permitting task in an environmentally important area with great professionalism. We appreciate the many hours of work the board and staff put in to handle the kind of issues that come up with a project of this size. We also thank the Groton Conservation Commission and the numerous state officials we have worked with to get us to this point. And finally, without the diligent work of Stan Dillis of Ducharme & Dillis, this permit would not have been possible.

Squannacook Greenways wins MassTrails grant - Wednesday June 26, 2019

Squannacook Greenways is proud to announce that we were awarded a MassTrails grant today for $27,780. With this grant, our capital campaign is now well beyond its goal of $150,000. To date, the capital campaign has raised an impressive $162,592. We have been greatly moved throughout this capital campaign at the vast generosity of so many of our supporters who so fervently want this rail trail to be built. This is a great step forward in our plans to begin construction in November 2019!


Map to parking at the corner of Depot and Center Street

Members of Squannacook Greenways accept the grant from Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito

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Who is building the Squannacook River Rail Trail?

In a word, you! The Squannacook River Rail Trail is being built by a local non-profit, Squannacook Greenways, with money from grants and donations only. No town money is being used for construction or maintenance. The trail will be maintained by local volunteers.

Volunteers will maintain this rail trail.

The next Board of Directors meeting of the non-profit Squannacook Greenways will be on Wednesday, Sep. 4, 2019 at 7:00 pm at the American Legion in Groton.  Anyone interested in this project is more than welcome to attend.